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APS Solar Rebates & Incentives


APS has gotten rid of a few programs that offered their APS solar rebates but there is still some good APS solar incentives. What APS does now is just pay your a fixed rate for any electricity your system produces and gives back to the grid.  

The rate currently is 12.9 Cents per KWH. On most all their current rate plans if you average peak and off peak you are paying close to 12.9 Cents per KWH for the electricity you buy from them. 

So, with APS you can design a system that will produce electricity for a lot less than 12.9 cents per KWH. This means you can actually make money for any electricity that you produce and goes back into the APS grid! 

APS won't let you build a massive system that would let you make thousands upon thousands of dollars but what this means is that you can end up with a zero electric bill from APS at the end of every year and can actually make a little money too. 

So if you are looking for APS Solar Rebates in Show Low Az or the surrounding White Mountains of Arizona area we can help. 

Call 928-251-0114 for a free quote and full explanation of all the incentives you could qualify for by going Solar with White Mountains Solar.  

APS Solar Rebates & Incentives
APS Solar Rebates & Incentives


APS has a website page that has all their information on going solar. You can click on the link below to go directly to it.