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How much do Solar Panels Cost or the true cost of solar. Well, every Solar System and every home are different. So the only way to get an exact cost is to have us come out and build a quote. BUT!! This video is a great example of how in Today's Rising Electric Rates & Lowering Solar Prices you can not only save money but can even make money! 

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YES!! There is a cost but is it worth it?

Solar isn't FREE are least it isn't FREE to build and install. Yes, the Sun is FREE and it doesn't ever cost money to make energy once installed and running. But, what are the true cost? 

It is true that Solar has gotten cheaper over the years. Most finance experts agree that in 2017 Solar Finally Passed a huge milestone in that 2017 was the first time ever that they could say it was cheaper to have solar then normal electricity from the Power Companies!! 

Cost of Solar Compared to Electric Bill

Hidden Secret about Solar Cost

One of the "secrets" that the power companies don't want you to know about Solar is that Solar locks in your cost of electricity. It will never go up like it will with the Power Companies. 

Think back and can you remember anytime that your Electric Bill went down from the year before? NO!! On Average it will increase 5% a year!! But, with Solar the Energy is FREE so once you have payed for the system your are done!!! You can be energy independent and own your system.

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Has the lightbulb come on yet?

Is it starting to make since? That Solar can put you in power of your own electricity and give you energy FREEDOM!!!  You can keep letting your electric bill increase every year and never own your electricity or you can have your own system and increase your property value and pay off your system with the same money you used to give to the electric company.  There are also Tax Credits to take advantage of..

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